Ways to Attend to Customers in an Organization in Order to Portray Friendliness

How we relate to other people is crucial in business. More than numbers or facts, how a customer is treated is the biggest takeaway from any interaction. It is the most important factor in how a person views a company.

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In dealing with customers, it is imperative to not just “portray” friendliness, but to be friendly:


1. Smile


No matter what mood you are in… smile. It may seem almost simple and trivial to begin with this, but it’s crucial to start any customer contact in a friendly way. Smiling, whether it be in person or on the phone, is an efficient and effective way to welcome a customer.


It also influences the customer’s response to you. More times than not, when a person is smiled at, they will smile in return. And their own smile can turn that person’s emotional state into a positive one.  


A smile draws the customer in and makes the representative feel instantly hospitable, pleasant and approachable.


2. Make Eye Contact


When you have a customer’s attention, make eye contact with them. The very moment you look away, you start to lose trustworthiness. They may not believe you and you will feel less confident in your answer.


3. Introduce Yourself By Name


Now that you have a customer’s attention, be pleasant and treat them like a guest. Always ask how they are doing and how you can be of assistance.


Being treated with respect and kindness can really make a customer’s day. This also is a big way to gain the customer’s loyalty.


And if you’re in a situation where you shake a customer’s hand, make sure it is with a firm, comfortable grip.  


4. Promptly Respond


In your interaction with a customer, always be polite, courteous and prompt to respond. Never ignore a customer’s question or request. Be genuinely interested in a customer’s needs.   


5. Have Positive Body Language


Portray confident, yet friendly and welcoming body language. No slouching! Sit upright with good posture. Do not fold or cross your arms or legs, this acts as a barrier against an open and sociable interaction.   


6. Have a Positive Mentality  

When attending to a customer, have a positive mind set. That means to approach the task with the intention of being gracious and obliging. Search for solutions to a problem, instead of dwelling on the problem itself.

A positive attitude encourages the customer, makes them more friendly in return. And it shows self-assuredness, which can reassure the customer that you will be able to assist them in whatever they require.

7. Listen Carefully

Listen to understand what the customer is saying, don’t listen just to respond. Pay close attention and hear the customer’s every word. Make sure you understand everything they are saying. If you need to ask questions to fully understand them, then ask. 

Getting the customer’s request right the first time and not having them repeat themselves goes a long way. Never cut off the customer in order to get out what you have to say. Encourage the customer to talk, explaining what it is exactly that they need. Give a full, polite, and accommodating response.

Customers respond to good listeners. It makes them feel recognized and appreciated. It shows the customer that you are there to assist and won’t stop until the request is satisfied.  

8. Up Selling

When Up Selling, do not come across as forcing more products and/or services upon customers. Do it in a way where it is beneficial to the customer’s interest, so that they genuinely want what you are providing.

9. No Distractions

When attending to a customer, do not answer your phone or be sidetracked by a co-worker or any other distractions. Also, make sure your environment is clean, well-organized, and appropriate.

10. Execute Their Request

Always do the best you can to help the customer. They appreciate effort and you trying your best to assist them.

Execute the request in a timely manner. No customer likes to wait. Complete the task quickly and efficiently.

Once finished, ask if there is anything else you can assist them in, give them a kind “Thank you” and wish them a good day.

11. R-E-L-A-X

Learn to relax at work. Get up at various times and go for a short walk, even if it is just around the office. Learn to breathe and center yourself. Make sure you are not making the work harder than it needs to be.

When you’re relaxed, the customer will be relaxed, and you’ll be better able to communicate with them in a helpful, friendly manner.  

Service with a smile and an accommodating ear. Customers look for this, look for being heard, and look for a solution to their request in a timely manner. A friendly demeanor is significant and goes a long way toward achieving the customer’s goal and contributing to the success of a business.