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July, 2013 radio interview

Former prosecutor,
current law professor and radio host,
Martha McLean interviews Keith
and discusses his Harvard article
on how social media misreported
the social media trial of the century,
the Casey Anthony trial.

Interviewed July, 2013

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Keith's ground breaking
is the subject of
nationwide controversy.

Keith introduces startling new
evidence  of family
conspiracy in the death of
Caylee Anthony. The article
outlines Keith's new book.

The Court of Public Opinion,
Casey Anthony

Empirical Magazine -

“An international literary and current affairs magazine
with openness that boldly introduces
thought-provoking points of view
and new paradigms.

A forum for discourse on contemporary issues,
the magazine is “radically empirical” in considering
the broad range of human experience.”


as one of the Ten Best New Magazines

of 2012

by the prestigious Library Journal.

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{Page 25}
Published June, 2013
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Barry Sussman was Ben Bradlee's editor
at the Washington Post
for the historic Watergate series,
reported by Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein.

Barry recently was named Media Watchdog Managing Editor
for the Nieman Foundation for Journalism at Harvard.

Barry invited Keith to write the centerpiece article
for Nieman when published in November, 2011,
it generated the most reader response in the history
of the Nieman Foundation Media Watchdog format.

Keith's influential article
for the Nieman Foundation
for Journalism
at Harvard,
kicked off Keith's research
for his book which found
explosive new evidence
pointing to an unknown
in the death of two-year-old
Caylee Marie Anthony
in the Casey Anthony case.

Nieman Foundation for Journalism
article received the most reader
interest and response in the history of
Harvard's Media Watchdog format.

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Edited by Barry Sussman
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Leading trial attorney Kirk
talks with Keith about how to
win cases using social media.

Keith says, "social media is an
ocean attorneys swim in," and
the good attorneys embrace
and use
it extensively in their practice.

Is Social Media a threat to a fair trial,
can it be a valuable resource
attorneys should use in support  
of their clients both prior to trial
and during trial

A leading attorney asks Keith about it

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Born in the Bronx, New York,
Iyanna Jones is an author, and documentary filmmaker.
She is also an award winning songwriter,
businesswoman and mother.

She currently hosts a popular radio program in
New York city,
"This is Iyanna Jones."

Iyanna interviewed Keith in September, 2013.
June, 2013 radio interview

Radio Host Iyanna Jones
talks with Keith about several
recent high profile trials
driven by media coverage.
O. J. Simpson, George Zimmerman,
and Casey Anthony.

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Recorded July, 2013
Published Nov, 2011
Recorded Sept, 2013
Recorded July, 2013
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Read Keith's
Acclaimed Article
"Reflections on the
Casey Anthony Trial"
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